Our paths are very different from one another with a mysterious future that is not quite set in stone. We are fortunate enough to shift our future by making changes to the present. Unfortunately, life and reality reminds us that things can and will be very unpredictable and at times not in our favor. Set In Stone is a place where reality and intuition collide. Allow your personal space to be free of negativity and urge your soul to adapt to a positive lifestyle.

Our Products

Your energy is one of the key factors on how your day or week will be. In today's society we are all accustomed to a rigid routine with little time for ourselves. We all seem to neglect our physical well being. Our goal is to introduce our products to those who work on their energy on a daily basis and to those who know too little about this 'stuff'. 

All of our products are drawn to us in one form or another. Crystals and minerals are cleansed prior to shipping and well taken care of while in our care. Sage bundles are all decoratively handmade. 

We bring a modern approach to what used to work for people 'back in the old days’.


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