Naming a child is a stressful process. You define this human being, you give it an identity that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives. The responsibility relies so much on the parents. When I was about to be a mother I remember contemplating day and night, going back and forth with my husband about what we wanted to name our first child. It was then that I realized I never understood why and how my parents decided to name me Rubi. 

I never really did my research regarding my name aside from knowing it was birth stone for the month of July. What did this name define me as? Why, out of all the names in the world was Rubi given to me?

I didn't accept my spiritual abilities until after the birth of my second child. It was then that I decided to understand that I had a very strong gift, a gift to heal people. Some people say that mistakes and paths that should have been avoided is all part of the growing process and although I do like to believe that, I still think that I've wasted years of practice and knowledge 'discovering myself'. Maybe if I would have understood the meaning of my name just maybe something would have clicked a lot sooner.

I came across the meaning of this raw stone online and said, "Ruby is a stone of great courage and inner strength. It is a stone of self-confidence, self-love, and increased power. It is a stone of honesty. Ruby is a powerful tool in crystal healing to decrease anxiety and doubt. Soul darkness may be alleviated by Ruby showing the way out. It is used in so many ways to enhance emotions in a positive manner." 


For those who know me on a more personal level know that, that is really who I am. In this moment in my life I represent all those qualities. There's no way the Rubi 10 years from now would have understood the meaning behind this stone and how relatable it was to me because I was younger, inexperienced and naive. So, yes, I am very thankful for my journey and how I got to be where I am today because non of these qualities would have been applicable to me. 

Often times people ask me why is that I do tarot card readings or give messages from those who passed on.  In reality I have always gravitated towards those who need some sort of 'fixing'. I've always wanted to be friends with those who needed guidance or said hello to random strangers who I naturally felt needed it at that moment. I have always been the person that people sought advice from.This is ultimately turned into my career. I'm not a therapist although some may think I can act like one. I am just Rubi - a natural healer, someone who uses tarot cards as a tool to help guide you in the right direction, shed some light in whatever area in your life you need it, or someone to guide your actions and thoughts so that you can be a better person. Sometimes I am just the messenger for spirit to help bring closure to those who are grieving. 

This stone is actually the one stone I have with me at all times and throughout my readings. I am beyond grateful for my name and amazed at how it really did define me.