This past weekend was my first craft fair EVER! 

Not knowing what to expect or what the outcome would be, I decided to look into some of the top markets in LA and came across the Renegade Craft Fair. The Renegade Craft Fair is one of the best curated showcases in LA and across the U.S. No, biggie. It literally is like walking into a Pinterest pin board.

I went in with the intentions of doing tarot card readings and bringing all Set In Stone items for the public to see and be in love with all my babies (stones) just as I am. I've had people tell me in the past to consider 'fairs' but to be quite honest I tried for as long as I could to stay away from them. I was fearful of skeptics and non-believers and clients that didn't want to hear the truth. 

I emphasize that I am NOT your traditional tarot card reader. In fact, sometimes I don't even know my own definition. I am not going to tell you "In 5 days you will meet someone with gray eyes and you will fall in love". I focus on the people who need guidance, who are going through a rut, who need someone to show them the way out. I like to show people the light at the end of the tunnel and grab their hand when they've completely given up. How do you get to touch people in such a personal way like that at fairs? I literally thought that was impossible. 

I went with my intuition and my guides definitely were guiding me to do this. So I took that leap of faith. 

My best friend and I went with a positive mindset, positive vibes and we honestly had the best time of our lives. We met such incredible and beautiful people. It was definitely the quite opposite of what I had expected. I drew in the right crowd. All the open minded people, the people that were ready to listen and take my advice and the ones that were wanting to make a positive changes came to us.

All of our stones have gone to happy homes and with people who honestly needed them. One of the greatest gifts that I feel I carry is having the ability to cleanse energy and setting the right intentions into stones and items. So as people purchased their new stones or jewelry I asked for their name and saged the items. 

We had a small area for the readings where I did 15-minute sessions at a time. Gosh, the people were amazing! It was such a small intimate space, and definitely felt like we were in a small bubble that drew out the crowd and the noise. I meditated every morning to set the right intentions and to manifest my outcome and everything worked out perfectly. 

This was definitely what I needed to continue to pursue markets and fairs. The crowd was amazing, the RCF staff was amazing, and the vendors were AHMAZING!  I recommend this event to all vendors who are looking for that POSITIVE energy as you work. LA will definitely be seeing a lot more of me in 2017!