You want me to do WHAT with this rock?

This stone brings happiness in your life... This stone relaxes you ... This stone is supposed to take away all the bad juju out of your life.... 

and the list goes on...

This is exactly what I heard when I first started looking into crystals and their meanings. To be honest, I always thought crystals sole purpose was to sit there and look pretty. I can't decide if I love them so much because of their vibrant colors,  their different sizes, or how some are polished and some are very rigid. Either way I just have this huge fascination about them.

I remember when I was in elementary school we took a field trip to the Santa Barbara Mission with our class. My mother gave me an allowance for the gift shop and just as we finished the tour we were led into the shop. I was immediately drawn to a container with a bunch of stones in them. Miniature in size with a sign that said "Fill up a bag for $5". There was so many different ones to choose from! I came home that day and my mother asked me how the field trip went. She was very surprised that out of all the items at a mission gift shop I would choose 'rocks'. Who does that? Honestly. 

The big question here is "What is so special about a stone?"

In my personal opinion, it's only special if it FEELS special to you. Stones are living in nature and I strongly believe that if a stone catches your attention and you are drawn to it than there is a reason for that. It belongs to you in that moment and for whatever reason. Take it home and research it. The meaning will connect with you, I almost guarantee it. 

So ... I welcome you to this blog/website to open your mind just a little bit to the idea that these rocks/stones/crystals can actually make a difference to your personal/work/love life. Is there a certain stone that always seems to grab your attention? Did it possibly ever occur to you that there is a reason behind that? 

- Rubi