My 'Harry Potter' Moment

Quartz Cluster

This spiritual journey that I decided to endeavor has been quite mysterious, metaphorical, and all very simple at the same time. I say simple because it really has been... I believe that when things in life come to you without making much effort it's the universe saying "You're on the right path, keep doing your thing" 

I didn't just wake up one day and say "Hey! Today I'm going to start looking into crystals, stones, and everything in between." and no, I am not Harry Potter. But just like him, I did decide to take the path of the very unknown. The path that so many people question and yet turn their cheek the other way. The universe, spirits, aliens, tarot cards, clairvoyants, everyone carries their own personal opinion and in no way am I implying that my personal opinion is the correct one. In all honesty, I am still trying to make sense of it all. 

What I do know and what I am so sure of is that I am spiritually gifted. Why me? I have NO idea. But it's the truth and that's what I've learned to accept these past few years. I guess one of the biggest steps into this 'new journey' was to ACCEPT. And so I did... I accepted that all these feelings and thoughts that ran through my soul since I was young was for a purpose. 

I take pride in my spiritual ability to connect with spirits and my spiritual guide. Why? Because I not only get guidance for myself but for other people as well. I use this gift to connect those who feel like they are lost, need closure, and need a sense of direction in their present situations. I am just a louder version of their own intuition. 

So who is behind Set In Stone? A mother of three boys, a wife, a  sister, a friend, a spiritual medium and somebody who has a genuine interest in the well being of your soul. although i may not have a school to attend like harry potter did (which actually would have been useful to me), i do, however, spend as much time as i possibly can in developing my skills and researching what more i can bring to my clients to get that sense of relief in this crazy world.