How To Solve Your Biggest Problems With a Labyrinth

i have found that the more energy work i do and the more spiritual guidance i give, i realize that i too need to take time to practice what i preach. i need to be able to recharge my soul and clear my mind just a little bit. after several readings my energy begins to feel depleted. i've been told that all mediums seem to master meditation to help tranquilize their mind.

i am so intimidated by the word meditation. quieting my mind and listening to my own thoughts isn't so scary... but when people mention you grasp the ability to see images, become 'enlightened', see other universes, that is exactly what scares me. i don't know if i am absolutely ready to see these images or 'feel' these new experiences. i am more scared because a big part of me knows that this is actually going to be something that i can do without much effort. this will be something that comes so easy to me.

am i ready to try and explain these upcoming experiences?

as a mother of three, where do you even find the time to meditate? where do i start? what do i concentrate on? i ditched my first instructors (YouTube videos) and i went to the actual source like a grown woman. i did my google search for several places to meditate and i came across a beautiful place in the midst of los angeles, Peaceful Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, "A spiritual oasis in the middle of the city."

when you arrive at the entrance gates you almost feel as if you were entering Bel Air. You are greeted by an enormous mansion. once parked, i felt the immediate tranquility space within the city. i swear i lost the noise of the traffic behind me. i walked up the steps like a lost puppy getting ready to knock and say, "Hello, please keep me!" The brass door opens and you are set back in the early 1900's. this lobby felt as if you were in the movie titanic. the only thing missing was a handsome Leonardo DiCaprio waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase.

everyone is so kind and welcoming there. any questions you have about the history of this villa before it was transformed into this peaceful oasis they will answer almost immediately. my favorite part (if i had to choose) would be the meditation gardens. there's about three different sub levels filled with a variety of fountains, paths, seating areas with benches and umbrellas. but what truly makes this place so magical is the fact that you feel inspirational just about anywhere you sit. there is a small bridge that crosses over a small pond with coy fish swimming in it. to say this place is amazing is an understatement. i probably could be there all day listening to the sound of the water hiding among the different plants big and small. it's like your very own secret garden.

there is one labyrinth in which looked quite intriguing and very simple to walk. i mean, it is just a mini maze, right? i was a bit intimidated by it because i saw several people walking it with a lot of intention in their eyes, expressing spiritual emotions, and slowly contemplating each and every step. was i supposed to mimic this or was this something you just do when you walk inside it? 

i thought about maybe waiting until everyone had left so that i could have this moment to myself. perhaps i would be able to connect more and have less people staring at me.

as i came upon it, i paused for a moment, closed my eyes and silently asked for enlightenment. my main purpose was to gain the strength and courage to know more about my spiritual capabilities and purpose in life.

as i walked this elegant marble maze, i realized the beauty of silence. although there were no physical walls, i did feel that the deeper i walked inside the more i started to shut out the world behind me. i escaped into this translucent world of mine. the only sounds i vaguely heard were the chirping from the birds and musical notes from the wind chimes. i approached the center and i remembered that i was told if you close your eyes the answer would just sort of come to you.

i closed my eyes, let the rays from the sun hit my face. i felt like a peaceful movement ran through my body. all the auras around me were vibrating, i felt like a shining start radiating positivity. there was a brightness in my soul. and then i heard, 'it's coming.' i opened my eyes so fast as if i was expecting someone to be standing there telling me this. i felt the need to walk back. 

at that time i didn't know what was 'coming' or what that was in reference to, but i felt so damn good. i felt so awake. there isn't a coffee in this world that could wake me up like this.

it was such a magical moment, definitely one of those memories i will cherish and subconscioulsy store among my other heartfelt memories in my heart. with this experience i felt the courage and strength to finally conquer my fear and learn to meditate, the most appropriate way. 

as i was leaving, the kind man volunteering in the lobby mentioned they offered free meditation classes on mondays. i smiled and said, "you will see me there."

sp please, if you are ever in the area or you are seeking the same kind of spiritual growth as i am, you must visit this place. who knows, we may even cross paths in the garden.