Magically Restored in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

For the past few weeks I have been traveling throughout Mexico. I had the privilege to seek spiritual guidance in all thenture that surrounds that beautiful country. There is something about that country that lifts my spirits and encourages my inner soul to dig deeper into my subconscious and find the true meaning about life, about my purpose here on this planet. 

I journeyed into a city I had never been to, San Luis Potosí. The scenery is not like any other. Its tropical and humidity midst consumes you. The mysterious jungle book comes to mind when you look around and realize how green the trees are. When we arrived at our hotel there was a silent heartbreak among our family because there was no tv, no internet, no social media to catch up on. It was at that moment that I had to embrace this trip, I knew something meaningful would come out of this.

The hospitality at this hotel was silently perfect. I say silent because that's what it felt like. There were no sales pitches, no additional add on's, no need to make more money. This was not a resort and surprisingly enough this was pure, so honest. You walk the empty halls and you could hardly hear any kids, people talking...You just hear your own thoughts, your body grounding itself to what used to be normal. There was a natural spring pool. The sulfuric smell was something you naturally had to get used to. It was so warm, so peaceful. On our first night there it sat just underneath a full moon. Perfection at its finest. I swam slowly, surrounded by the jungle, the moon, the sounds of crickets and tropical animals. There was only two lights in the distance which made the water unclear and hard to distinguish the faces of the people who were in it.

Off to the side of this pool it connected to a small river where the water plunged into a waterfall and underneath this waterfall there were three small concrete benches to sit. The pressure from the water purposely relieved so much tension off my shoulders. It helped me release everything. I sat there, closed my eyes, and meditated. 

The next morning we had a nutritious breakfast and prepared for our most spiritual adventure. We were told by our tour guides that we would be traveling to Xilitla, a magical city. We would be visiting "Las Posas" (The Pools) created by the English artist Edward James. Months prior I had come across pictures from this place on Pinterest and religiously pinned it under my board of the places I needed to see before I die. 

When our bus dropped us off at the top of the mountain we were led by our tour guides to walk a few miles down. We observed the jungle which sits in the Huasteca region of Mexico. As we approached the entrance of this secret garden there was a small museum-like entrance where we were greeted by our own tour guide. He positioned us and began to narrate the journey of Edward James and how he came across this land. 

The tour guide spent the past hour taking us through the most popular structures and telling us the story behind each item. I realized the more we walked that Edward was a passionate and weird (in the most lovable way) eccentric human being. When the hour was complete we were free to roam wherever we pleased. I found myself getting lost for an hour and a half, walking endlessly in this enchanted forest. I came across purple and blue butterflies, tropical flowers, stairways that led to nowhere, paths that led to nothing and doorways that led to more paths. It was quite surreal. Edward James and San Luis Potosi gained a loyal friend that day. There are no words to describe the warmth and generous hospitality this city provides. 

On the bus ride home I sat and looked out the window, my soul was so grateful. I appreciate moments like this because it's what fuels me. It's what picks me up when I feel weak. It's what continues to enrich my mind and my thoughts. As a spiritual healer there is moments like this that encourage you to continue your path, to continue to be enlightened...and I made a promise to myself to find more moments like this. To find more places like this.