Love all life, including animals.

When I first decided to start Set In Stone I felt in my heart that it was incredibly important to always find a way to give back. I feel that as you journey in life you will always find yourself lost, alone and in need of affection. There was a period in my life when I felt I was living to embrace the moments with no sense of control in any aspect in my life. That was when Penny was brought to my life unexpectedly. Penny was a mixed long haired chihuahua. Some would like to say she was a brat and a bit territorial. I like to think she came here for a purpose and didn't expect to win anyone over. Her purpose on this life was to bring me the comfort I needed, the protection I craved and the unconditional friend I desired. She brought me so much love. She taught me to be considerate of others, to make sacrifices and she slowly taught me not to be so selfish. 

Penny always felt like freedom. She refused to have boundaries and being told what to do. She escaped from my home and was struck by a car one evening while I was out. I came home to such a tragedy that it completely changed my life. Her loss was unexplainable and so difficult to get through. It was through her absence that made me realize my life needed to change. I was becoming quite comfortable the way I was living and knew that there needed to be more stability in my life.

When spcaLA reached out to me to participate in their 10th year celebration for their Market Place I instantly thought of Penny. Their non-profit organization prevents animal cruelty and I could not reject the opportunity to help in any way I can.

So in honor of Penny, my best friend Jenny and myself went out to this event to bring smiles and positive vibes to those who came. I encourage all animal lovers to reach out to this non-profit and find a way to help in whatever way you can. The staff is absolutely amazing and hardworking. Thanks again spcaLA for this incredible opportunity and the ability to honor my best friend, Penny. 




One friend can change your whole life.

Rubi RiosComment