Girls Yoga Day

I find so much passion when I am surrounded by driven, inspiring, loving and humbling people. When Annette Romo from Annette Romo Yoga reached out to me to participate in her upcoming event "Girls Yoga Day" at Downey Yoga Studio my heart just bursted with happiness. Working with her and her radiating energy is like agreeing to saying yes to an all girls sleepover when you're ten, it's exciting and you know it's going to be fun. I was so eager to team up with the beautiful people she aligned for this event. I felt Annette's intuition to pick individuals on the same page would create a beautiful and positive foundation for woman to be able to breathe in and breathe out our love for them. 

Jovon Bernal from provided everyone a light vegan lunch after yoga and meditation and I can honestly say she is ready to start catering. Her food was ridiculously delicious! We had a sold out event and these woman came from all walks of life to really embrace several hours to themselves. I felt their energy and their gratitude for being there.

Annette lead them in a yoga session that is unique in itself. Her style of yoga brings a smooth balance by using modern music and tradition with her yoga flows. When I am in her session's I feel like she's my road trip buddy who I can at any point say hey let's stop here at this gas station and do a yoga flow really quick and she'll say "SURE! Let me get our mats out!" She's so easy going and so positive. 

After the yoga session Jesse Schiffmacher  (IG: Thisgirlisgenius) transitioned everyone into a meditation. Her energy is breathtaking and meaningful. I can feel her energy even when she's across the room. Jesse has so much love in her and so much drive. I strive to emphasize the importance of meditation and how much it could actually change your life. Stopping to pause for a moment and realize there is no reason to fret for the future and to revisit your past is stressful and Jesse literally takes that away. She gives people the confidence to practice this technique not just with her in her sessions but at home as well. 

For this event Annette also made room available for woman to have the opportunity to clear their energy by Marcela Arrietta from Majestic Bliss Soaps. Marcela practices pranic healing and teaches others to be cautious of their aura fields and what could possibly be trapped in them. Energy is all around us and we constantly don't realize how important it is to clear it from any negativity. I absolutely loved Marcela and her ability to feel physically lightened. 

I was so grateful and so humbled to have met such courageous woman throughout my readings. I walked out of this experience with the biggest smile on my face because these woman were so open minded, so gifted in their own ways and it was a privilege to have been able to shed some light in their life. Being able to partner up with these woman was a true blessing. We had the honor of having a journalism student from Cal State Long Beach, Ashlee Blosser, who attended the event and reported and made the video down below. Thank you Ashlee! 

Rubi Rios