Reflect + Release

With the full moon approaching this is generally the time where I tend to retreat and reflect upon what I have endured in the past month.

Have I truly been of service? Have I surrounded myself with uplifting people? Have I expressed my truest feelings? and most importantly, Have I expressed the best version of myself to those around me?

I feel the more I evolve spiritually I become aware of how much more I want to share my knowledge with others. Even at my weakest points I feel the urge to give my all to those who are weaker than me. I believe in setting goals for ourselves not to indulge our ego but to feel a step closer to fulfillment. Several months ago I started to really understand how much the moon was beginning to affect me. The thought of the sun, moon and planets affecting our moods, situations and outcomes was unrealistic to me. But when I was beginning to take notes of my moods, thoughts and reactions I started to acknowledge the phases of the moon and how closely it was starting to coordinate with my physical being. I decided I needed to accept this and use these phases of the moon to make me a better person rather than just allowing it to affect me in negative ways. I did my research on the moon and how I can design my own Full Moon Workshop that would incorporate Tarot and Reiki.

My very first full moon I worked on releasing what no longer served me at the time. We had a beautiful setting with candles, sage and crystals under the moonlight. We began by writing down on a piece of paper everything we were truly ready to give up. I tried to focus on personality traits that I no longer wanted to define me and past events that hurt me in some way that no longer needed to be a part of 'my story'. When we were done we burned the paper. Watching the paper burn was in itself a weight being lifted off our shoulders. I felt the energy release and leave our intimate setting. I did oracle cards to get a closer look at what the next month would bring and what we needed to focus on. The next morning I remember feeling so light and energetic. I carried the biggest smile on my face. I truly did let go of it all. It was exhilarating! 

This gave me the strength and determination to provide this kind of relief for others. I realized that many people were in the same boat as me. We carry so much between thoughts, memories, resentments, past hurts and fear for the future. We literally crave a better life yet we can't let go of the life we are used to. 

I plan to have these workshops often where I will incorporate different topics so that we can reflect and release on different aspects of our lives. Together we can grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Together we can commit to being better versions of ourselves. 

Rubi Rios