Pink Buddha

Pink Buddha


Rose Quartz, Howlite

This delicate combination of these two stones allows your heart and mind to meet in complete balance. In order to seek any form of enlightenment one must be able to balance the head and the heart and find compassion throughout all situations. This is exactly what these stones will provide. The Buddha charm was added as your reminder to seek balance, enlightenment in all situations.

  • Natural gemstones, each gemstone is unique and may vary

  • Handcrafted stretch bracelet

  • 7” inches long and will stretch accordingly

Handmade with love and positivity exclusively by Rubi Rios

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Exposure to water, sweat, perfume, hairspray, lotions and other like products may change the appearance of the jewelry over time. Jewelry should not be worn during exercise.

Do not submerge in water.

By burning sage you can cleanse your stones from all negative energies that it has absorbed for you. Release energies at least once a week.